We are the muscle behind Shipitwise

Makers do whatever it’s necessary to solve problems. You don’t have to be a scientist or have any particular degree to be a mer. You just have to speak up when things aren’t right, take another step even if it leads to unknown and just get the things done. At Shipitwise we’re all makers, and we’re focusing on solving the hardest problems we can find.

Join us!

Ivocode ninjaSoftware Engineer

I see future in Shipitwise and want to be a part of the team laying foundation for the system that might become the next big thing.

AndrusmechanicProduct Owner

Being able to work on a such complex area as logistics, alleviating all the pain people currently have to go through to move their items, is simply a rewarding experience. Especially with this team!

Annaprincess of logisticsVP of Logistics

These people, this passion and this work is something I’ve been looking for. Also, I want us to succeed to prove myself and others that everything’s possible if you believe enough.

Ragmardark lord of technologyChief Technology Officer

I’m here to build a world-class development team that helps us create a global new standard in moving goods, creating new markets and new opportunities. Also it’s a chance to build a legacy for my children.

Olaricreator of opportunitiesChief Operations Officer

I love creating new things. Launching something that hasn’t been done before me. And seeing that people are willing to pay us for solving their problems only makes me want to go further.

Aleksanderdirector of first impressionsChief Executive Officer

The feeling of a greater purpose to change the way people experience moving stuff across the world excites me. And thus for the first time in my life, I don’t care what day it is, as long as I’m with my team!