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5 Top Destinations for Active and Adventurous Vacations in Europe

Shipitwise Stories 13.06.2017

If you haven’t planned any trip yet, check these five top destinations for active vacations for adventurous and memorable holidays! Get your surfboard from the basement, clean the dust off the bike and go for an adventure!

sea-kayak-sunset-paddleSea Kayaking at Sunrise in Bulgaria

Imagine starting your day on a kayak in the sea, watching the sunrise on the Black Sea in Bulgaria. Followed by 15 km paddling along a gorgeous coast, hunting hidden beaches for a relaxing break, entering a sea cave and fighting the waves with the kayak is what we call one hell of an adventure! Start your adventure from Cape Kaliakra and  learn more from Travelling Buzz.

For all kayaks and sea lovers – it’s time for an adventure!


Surfing in Newgale, Wales

At the heart of Pembrokeshire, the only coastal national park in Britain, the Newgale beach is one of the most stunning spots for surfing.

This heaven in Wales is ideal for beginners. Crowds won’t be a problem on the two miles stretch of sand, so you’ll have plenty of space to practice your paddling before catching waves out back. And in case you have your own surfboard – deliver it directly to Newgale and remember that the more surfboard you ship the cheaper it gets per unit. Check prices

And in case you have your own surfboard – deliver it directly to Newgale and remember that the more surfboard you ship the cheaper it gets per unit. Check prices here.


Surfing and party never stops in Tel Aviv, Israel

Why should you go there? Apart from surfing in the Mediterranean Sea in a region packed with history and religious significance. All of which might compromise a surf trip for the hard core, but morning offshores make early wakeups worth it.

The Kontiki Surf Club in nearby Netanya was started by Australians eight years ago. It’s now a local institution and will be happy to host you!

Moreover, Tel Aviv is a cosmopolitan city where the party never stops—literally. Sounds like a great trip for friends, right?

And you can always take your surfboards with you, delivered right to your resort. Learn more.


If you want bike trip in Spain, then in Andalucia

Its limestone peaks, mountain passes and spectacular views. It’s exquisite tapas, rich olive oils and classic Spanish wines. But most of all, Andalucia is the birthplace of Spanish romance, where flamenco and a vibrant history combine to create a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Picasso called this place his home. You’ll call it amazing. Ernest Hemingway was enchanted with this region of Spain.

And the best about it – everyone loves it for cycling vacation. Great views, cycling roads, and weather make your holidays even more special. Renting bikes might be a bit pricey but consider an opportunity to send your own bike from home to your desired destination with Shipitwise.

For example – if you are travelling from Tallinn to Sevilla with 4 friends each will pay 112 Eur to send a bike two ways.


Two weeks in Balkans? Oh yeah.

The Balkans are a fascinating, very diverse region in Southeast Europe which had to deal with a lot of conflicts in recent history. But now it is a great place to explore different lands, experience diverse culture and get great hospitality.

The best time to travel the Balkans is in most cases the spring and summer season – especially if you want to go for a swim at the coast. Nevertheless, you can also spend your winter in one of the winter resorts like Bansko in Bulgaria.

Surrounded by the sea as well as with mountains Balkans offers various opportunities to spend your time actively. Diving, surfing, biking can become your unforgettable routine for the holidays.

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