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What is Shipitwise Affiliate Partner Program?

Shipitwise general 11.05.2017

As wisdom of internet told us – ‘One is good, two is better’ we decided that at least 100 will be great. That is why we launched our Affiliate Partner Program to create more value for more customers around the globe.

Affiliate partner program

After connecting with different travel agencies and airlines in the Baltics – it made it clear for us. We need to expand and conquer new markets by offering our user-friendly, incredibly smooth baggage delivery service.

It is a great opportunity for travel agencies, tour operators, airlines, travel bloggers or everyone connected to the travel industry one or another way. It provides ability to offer a new service for its customers and followers as well have a new revenue stream.

How Affiliate Partner Program works?

We have created an Affiliate Partner portal, where you will get your unique link or promo code, as well have opportunity to track your records, traffic and revenue.

More about Affiliate Partner Program find here or sign up directly in our Affiliate portal. If you would like to talk about it more just drop as a line to info@shipitwise.com and we will get back to you!


Shipitwise offers unique service to the travel sector: convenient cross-border, long-distance, door-to-door courier delivery for their sports equipment (golf bags, skis, bicycles, etc.), personal belongings or everything necessary for a business trip (trade fair materials, samples, etc.) to the desired destination with just a few clicks. Without having to carry anything themselves.

By introducing to people a hassle-free travel we attract a new segment of travellers to the traveling market and increasing willingness for current travellers to travel with their hobby equipment.