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Door-to-door baggage, worldwide delivery

Affiliate Program

Shipitwise is changing the way people travel and we are searching for partners to help us do this!


What does that mean?

Travelling with excess luggage is a hassle for travel agencies and their customers.

ShipitWise has built a logistics platform connecting various providers to enhance the travel experience and remove the problems these agencies face. This platform is accessible to individuals and agencies and the people they serve.


Main issues travellers face:

  • Paying extra for oversized baggage
  • Uncertainty about their baggage fitting onboard the plane
  • Complicated transportation to and from airport
  • Lost baggage along the way


Become one of the companies offering them a solution as an additional service.

What is this solution?

We have developed a booking engine that quickly and easily gives you instant prices for leisure equipment delivery.

We also provide full-service shipping. It includes:

  • Packaging
  • Insurance
  • Delivery from door-to-door

Couriers will take customers’ goods from their home and deliver it to their desired destination.

Customers can have their hobby and leisure equipment (golf equipment, skis, bicycles, surfboards, motorcycles, etc.) or anything necessary for a business trip (Fair Trade materials, samples, etc.) delivered to their destination with just a few clicks of the mouse. Increasingly, we are finding small families and individuals sending some of their baggage ahead to their destinations.

If you are travel agency and you want to:

  • Offer a new service to your customers.
  • Be innovative and operate at the height of good customer service.
  • Have a new revenue stream by earning commission on delivered orders.
  • Change the way people travel!


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