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Affiliate Program

ShipitWise has built a digital online platform that fixes problems experienced by logistics providers. This platform is accessible to individuals and agencies and the customers they serve.

Shipitwise is changing the way people travel and we are searching for partners to help us do this!


What does that mean?

As a travel agency or first or last mile courier your company faces particular problems in your industry.  Shipitwise has built a logistics platform connecting various providers to enhance the travel experience and remove the problems agencies face. This platform is accessible to individuals and agencies and the people they serve. As an agency we can sign you up to our platform which has digitised the way you handle your line quotes and customers.


What is this solution?

Simply, we have developed a booking engine that quickly and easily gives you instant prices for leisure equipment delivery. You can sign up your sales team, who will be able to start giving your customers quick, accurate service, delivered instantly. Swen the tracking bot will help you get feedback from your various providers on where your parcels are.


If you are travel agency and you want to:

  • Offer a new service to your customers.
  • Be innovative and operate at the height of good customer service.
  • Have a new revenue stream by earning commission on delivered orders.
  • Change the way people travel!


More information on becoming a logistics partner Affiliate here.

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