AirBaltic in Cooperation with Shipitwise Offers Baggage Delivery

Shipitwise in cooperation with airBaltic

The end of April was very busy for the Shipitwise team. We were counting minutes not hours to get the final GO! from airBaltic, the largest airline in the region.

We have concluded a cooperation agreement with Latvian state airline and polishing up the platform integration. AirBaltic carries over 2,5 million passengers annually and we look forward enhancing their customers travelling experience by providing our service.

Every passenger will be able to travel lighter by shipping their excess baggage such as sports and leisure equipment (golf bags, skis, bicycle, etc.), personal belongings, business trip materials (samples, trade fair materials, etc.) to the desired destination with just a few clicks.

User-friendly platfrom will solve travellers baggage problems. Users will get instant prices for certain destinations (see here) or get them directly e-mailed to the customer. Customer support will assist them in online chat as well as by e-mail and phone.

airbaltic platform
Shipitwise order form in airBaltic website.

If you would like to become a Shipitwise Affiliate Partner as well – check here or contact us at info@shipitwise.com.