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Exhibition in Milan and how to use Shipitwise for business trip

Shipitwise Stories 11.04.2017

Travel is in my bloodstream. When my calendar shows me that I have spent more than 4 weeks in a row in the same country the itching starts all over my body. I know, I know that all of this is purely a creation of my mind. However, this is usually the point when I give up and buy myself a plane ticket.
This time it was an excellent excuse to leave Estonia for a long weekend joining my wife at iSaloni 2017 in Milan, Italy. And the story is not just about the exhibition, but about how Shipitwise helped me to enjoy it to the fullest.

The Milanese look forward to it with eager anticipation, visitors travel from far especially for this occasion. The week devoted to the “Salone del Mobile”, scheduled to be staged this year from 4 to 9 April 2017 at Fieramilano Rho, is one of the most vibrant, gratifying and exciting events in Milan.

images-1The iSaloni 2017 is held in the exhibition halls of Fiera Milano Rho. During the six
days of the exhibition, you can find an entire universe devoted to lifestyle solutions divided into three stylistic categories, namely Classic, Modern, and Design. However, as previously mentioned, the great thing about the iSaloni is that, above all, it takes place “off-site”.

For years, this mega-event has not only cultivated collaborations with institutions but also with the majority of the city’s most iconic venues. 
Some 2,000 exhibitors were showing their wares across a display area exceeding 200,000 m2. These impressive figures, along with the thousands of products being unveiled for the
first time. It confirms the Salone del Mobile’s enormous value as an international showcase for creativity and a forum for industry professionals, with more than 300,000 visitors expected to attend from over 165 different nations, including my wife and me.

As my only plan was to accompany my personal interior designer and enjoy the warm and friendly city with its excellent shops and restaurants, I was still forced to spend my Thursday and Friday at iSaloni, counting more than 12000 steps on my Apple Watch both days. Wearing new shoes. I know what you’re thinking. Of course, this was a mistake that I regret while suffering from several blisters on my feet.

Shipitwise for business trips

As a professional Shipitwiser, I was looking around and interviewing different people about the channels that they use in order to move their advertising materials, catalogs and samples collected on the fairgrounds.

I found out that in every second pavilion there were some cardboard boxes here and there with the sign: “Ship your catalogs to Russia with company X”. Russians are pretty resourceful when speaking about guerilla marketing. But how about all the other nations?!


screen-shot-2017-04-10-at-19-38-49I wasn’t able to find any other solution that could service the travellers in order to arrange a simple and affordable way to send their heavy suitcases full of materials back home. A good example was one of my acquaintances who posted a picture of himself with 6 suitcases full of catalogs boarding at the airport.

Another spooky picture hit me on my way to the central station with Uber Black early on Sunday morning. An old Japanese couple accompanied by a younger relative was literally dragging three huge suitcases from their hotel or Airbnb apartment in the direction of the central station. They obviously could not order a taxi as there are no cabs in Milan that would fit those four-wheeled monsters.

And when I am travelling hands-free like a BOSS, passing by those sweaty and tired individuals it stroked me – everybody is worth to stop being a camel and start truly enjoying a journey, hands-free.

Aleksander, Co-founding CEO of Shipitwise