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Meet Viktorija!

Shipitwise Team 24.03.2017

The day has come to introduce you our new marketeer in Shipitwise – Viktorija Vysockaja, Lithuanian positive mind, food and cat lover Let’s have a throwback to your past, what did...

Shipitwise HQ

What did the first year of Shipitwise look like?

Shipitwise general 28.02.2017

We recently celebrated Shipitwise's first birthday, which means that it's time to look back to the previous year.

Miko Kallas

Meet Miko, your new best friend!

Shipitwise Team 27.10.2016

Meet Miko! He's one of our sales representatives at Shipitwise, aka your new best friend. He's here to change the customer service in logistics!

Andrus Randveer

Meet Andrus, mechanic!

Shipitwise Team 29.09.2016

Meet Andrus! He's the product owner at Shipitwise, aka mechanic. He's here to alleviate the pain people have to go through to move their items.

Meet Anna, princess of logistics!

Shipitwise Team 01.09.2016

Meet Anna! She's the VP of Logistics at Shipitwise, aka princess of logistics. She's here to prove that everything's possible if you believe enough.

Meet Ragmar, dark lord of technology!

Shipitwise Team 25.08.2016

Meet Ragmar! He's the CTO of Shipitwise, aka dark lord of technology. And he's here to build a world class development team.

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