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What to send ahead to your destination

Shipitwise tips 15.11.2017

  Travel, long-haul moves, temporary and permanent relocation is stressful and tiring for everyone. Whether you are the one who is playing Tetris in packing your suitcases so everything you need...

7 Top Tips for Travelling with Kids

Shipitwise general 24.07.2017

There is so much to think about and to plan when you are travelling with kids and this will vary according to the age of your children, any special...

Send more, pay less – Shipitwise secret tool

Shipitwise general 17.05.2017

The secret tool of Shipitwise – consolidation. Welcome to Shipitwise – a platform for travellers to book door-to-door shipping. We send your excess luggage, leisure equipment and other belongings...

Travel without luggage

What to do when you have excess baggage?

Shipitwise tips 24.04.2017

What to do when you have excess baggage? Getting around the world with your sports gear or any other excess baggage can be exhausting. Especially while trying to do...

7 steps to prepare for a ski trip

7 steps to prepare for a ski trip

Shipitwise tips 23.11.2016

The winter season has arrived way earlier than expected this year. So it's time to prepare for your next skiing holiday.

Christmas shipping

6 reasons to use shipping services this Christmas

Shipitwise tips 02.11.2016

We went through our clients’ requests and came up with a list of reasons you'd want to use shipping services soon to make your Christmas enjoyable.

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