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Cofounding Engineer of Skype Became Shipitwise Advisor

Shipitwise News 17.04.2017

A week ago, Shipitwise extended family became bigger. Jaan Tallinn – cofounding engineer of Skype, programmer, investor and physicist became a member of Shipitwise Advisory Board. Additionally, he supported us by investing in the company.

More about Jaan

He is considered to be one of the foremost experts on P2P technologies and jaan-tallinn-2worked out the core elements for Kazaa and Skype together with colleagues. He was one of the lead system architects in Skype.
Jaan holds a degree in theoretical physics from the University of Tartu.
Currently, he serves as CTO of MetaMed Research LLC, and also a co-founder of the Cambridge Project of Existential Risk.


We are thrilled that Jaan believed in Shipitwise vision and decided to support it. Now we have one more adviser to support us not just financially, but with all his knowledge, experience and connections.


Shipitwise is making travelling very comfortable. It provides travellers a new online service – convenient cross-border, door-to-door courier delivery for their sports equipment (golf bags, skis, bicycles, etc.), personal belongings or everything necessary for a business trip (trade fair materials, samples, etc.) to the desired destination with just a few clicks. Without having to carry anything themselves. We created a user-friendly platform with instant prices and other great features.