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Let’s start a Revolution!

Shipitwise general 13.03.2017

It’s time to take a stand against excess baggage!

For decades, if not centuries, people have had to carry their excess baggage by themselves. Figuring out how and where to fit it. Worrying whether it will arrive on time and in piece.

The only reason someone might want to go through such a torture is because they need the excess amount of things wherever they’re going. Be it surfing, skiing, golfing, cycling or something as simple as a week-long holiday.

But there’s no reason why one should be a camel!

Moreover, the kings and queens of the world never have even had such a lumpy thought like carrying their own excess baggage. So why would you want to be one?

Don’t be a camel! Let Shipitwise handle your excess baggage… It's a revolution!

Don’t be a camel! Let Shipitwise handle your excess baggage…

We at Shipitwise hate travelling with excess baggage!

All this renting a bigger car just to fit the four pairs of skis. Waiting in the check-in line at the airport. Hoping that the airport cargo team does put your excess baggage on the right flight, while not completely destroying the sack. Spending time at the Lost & Found. Skipping the first day of your vacation. Being sad and angry.

Who needs this? Not us!

That’s why we’ve developed a service that enables to skip all of that…

How? Simple!

We have our partners across the world that will come and pick all your excess baggage up from your home and with a bit of magic, we’ll deliver it to your destination. You just fill our form and pay the price.

PS! It’s even up to 3x cheaper than fitting it on board of the airport.!? It’s truly a hack if done right… (e.g. try sending a group worth of skis)

And you know what… It’s not that we’re just lazy and don’t bother carrying our stuff by ourselves. We simply don’t have the time and the money to deal with this nonsense of dealing with the excess baggage. But I guess you do?

Well, it seems there’s other that support us.

Did you know that Lufthansa has developed a service for their customers that let’s to do a similar thing (with much higher price)? They did it, because they have a small plan to make people on-board without baggage, always.

Finnair has the same belief. When we met them two months ago, they admitted to have had a similar idea to make all the baggage skip the airport entirely. To be picked up from your home and delivered to the hotel in the destination. And now we’re working on a deal to make it happen.

By now, we’ve already been able to get nine travel companies to join us in this revolution. One airline (Nordica) and eight travel agencies (ABC Reisid, Aurinko, Carlson Wagonlit Travel, Estravel, Fly24, GoTravel, Mainor Meelis, Wris). Meanwhile, more deals are in process with airlines like AirBaltic, RyanAir and SAS, as well as hundreds of travel agencies.

So it’s time for you to also join us in this!

Drop down your suitcase.

Grab a phone.

Go to shipitwise.com.

Enter the data.

And stop being a camel!

PS! If you have a travel company or know someone that does, please push them towards us! It’s your chance to help to change the way we travel…
Meanwhile, please spread the word using #dontbeacamel and #shipitwise!