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Letter to Affiliates

Shipitwise general 11.12.2017

Hello Affiliates,

We’ve been running several experiments throughout the Q3 and Q4 of 2017 that have led us to an important decision. All members of the founding team are fired up by this new and bigger vision for Shipitwise.

We are currently closing B2C and moving towards B2B as it brings greater growth for the company and investors. We invest in company resources where we see today’s real need for the market. As the entire world moves towards digitization, it would be time for logistics to do the same, and we can be one of the first platforms here that will make it possible in this logistics world.

There is more than one reason for that.

In Q4 2016 the Shipitwise instant dynamic pricing platform for shipping industry was launched, and we were looking for the best possible way to test it and to prove that the algorithm is valid and creates the value for the market. In late 2016 we tested working with companies from the travel industry, and expected that it would be the easiest and the most logical way to approach travellers and offer them a door-2-door baggage shipping solution. Now in Q4 of 2017 we see that growth in travel industry is not fast enough. We see that the travel industry leaders cannot influence customers to use our service.

However, that this was just one of the possible implementations for this sophisticated and unique algorithm of combining the prices of different service providers into a single supply chain. As we realised then that 99% of the transportation companies do not have a machine-to-machine interface, the decision was made to create one. Our engineers designed and created tool which is not only able to digitalised any offline analogue world transportation company but also provides a professional tool for the logistic firms to share with their business customers. This tool is our universal API.

We have validate our algorithms within the Shipitwise B2C baggage shipping solution for more than 9 months and as a result of those tests, we have learned how to optimise the processes within all transportation companies.

The users of this tool can remove their overhead for the staff servicing their business customers. Users can receive an instant dynamic quote, confirm the order, receive an automatic invoice and affect the payment via the bank link or a credit card.

All this is already combined with another unique and useful tool – the cross-platform tracking chatbot. Users of our platform can get an access to the automatic tracking system within the Shipitwise platform.

The technical characteristics of both tools can create the most value as a Software-as-a-Service tool with the on-boarding and subscription fees for logistics companies. And we have already digitalised three large logistic companies.

The major value we provide is time, money, manual labor cost savings and online data availability.

We want to thank our excellent mentors from Startup Wise Guys accelerator who have encouraged us to go along with this decision of changing the course and the strategy of our company. We look forward to getting any help, support, introductions with the logistics companies to partner with in order to grow the company and help your investments grow.

Ragmar Saksing,
CEO Shipitwise