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Logistics Partners

Why become a  logistics partner?

Our ultimate goal is to make logistics simple to use and provide full service to our customers. Working in partnership with you, Shipitwise will help you to reach new customer and help to utilize your drivers’ capacity while moving goods on a one-way or round-trip basis.

We are open not just for big or medium transportation companies, everyone who is involved in logistics one or another way can become our partner. First and last mile couriers, companies without their own API, packaging companies and others.

Advantages of becoming a partner:

  • Become part of international logistics chain
  • New international customers
  • Available IT solution and API
  • No marketing costs

If you:

  • Want to make your company visible in the international market
  • Get customers validated needs by Shipitwise and be provided directly to you

You should become our partner!

As Shipitwise is rapidly expanding to new markets we need partners in every part of the world.

To find out the requirements for qualifying as Shipitwise partner and for more information, please contact us.