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Nordica presents first in the world: Hands-Free Baggage

Shipitwise News 10.12.2016

Nordica Hands-Free Baggage

Shipitwise is honoured to present Hands-Free Baggage in cooperation with our first partner Nordica!

An Estonian airline Nordica has become the first in the world providing their customers an easy way to travel hands-free. All that while their baggage is shipped door-to-door by Shipitwise.

Anyone can now have their hobby equipment (e.g. golf equipment, skis, bicycles, surfboards or motorcycles) or anything necessary for a business trip (e.g. trade fair materials or samples) delivered to their destination with just a few mouse clicks. Without having to carry anything by themselves.

About the service

Nordica Hands-Free BaggageWe’ve created a platform that helps travellers organise transport for their things in a simple manner. Moreover, the system incorporates numerous logistics service providers (e.g. transport partners, packaging centres, customs agents and insurance). From among these, the platform chooses the best logistical solution for organising transport to their destination. Whenever convenient for them!

The traveller simply needs to find “Hands-Free Baggage” button on Nordica‘s site. Similar to the car hire and hotel booking one. And there they only need to indicate what needs to be shipped from where to where.

As of now, the platform promptly gives a price for the transport of predefined things between Estonia, Austria, and Bavaria. Finding solutions for transport questions regarding other regions usually takes up to a couple of hours.


Nordica Hands-Free Baggage1. A five-person group from Tartu is now able to go skiing in Sölden without having to carry their ski equipment. They can just have Shipitwise pick it up from their home and transport all of it to and from Sölden. And it will only cost 352 euros for the whole group. Meaning that to-and-from transport of one skiset costs 70.4 euros.

Meanwhile, the group is now able to take a bus to Tallinn Airport while not having to carry their baggage. They can also reach Sölden from Munich Airport with a rental car that doesn’t have a skibox. And all this is possible because their equipment is travelling separately and doesn’t take up room in the car. In addition, travelling by bus and moving around the airport is much more convenient without multiple skisets.

2. There’s no need for a business representative to carry advertising materials by himself when going to a trade fair in Munich. In addition to buying a ticket for a Nordica flight, the business can also organise transport of their advertising materials. Transporting a 15 kg package with dimensions of 150 × 30 × 30 cm from their office in Tallinn to an agreed location in Munich costs only 95 euros.