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Send more, pay less – Shipitwise secret tool

Shipitwise general 17.05.2017

The secret tool of Shipitwise – consolidation.

Welcome to Shipitwise – a platform for travellers to book door-to-door shipping. We send your excess luggage, leisure equipment and other belongings around the world.  To be cost-effective and to serve you globally we use a special software. We developed this algorithm and update it constantly to optimize the price.

To offer suitable prices to our customers Shipitwise is using a consolidation principle. Consolidation is a cargo shipping method. This way you send more, but pay less.


Imagine a forwarder who combines several individual items into one shipment.

  1. This arrangement allows the goods to be shipped as palletised – cargo.
  2. That offers greater security at lower shipping rates.
  3. At the destination, the consolidated shipment is separated back into the original individual items.
  4. Then these items are delivered to their recipients.
  5. This method is also called grouped shipment.

Before Shipitwise only large businesses enjoyed the benefits of consolidation. Shipitwise brings this revolutionary method to the common travellers.

Our dynamic pricing model is charging you less for shipping more.

Some great examples:

Baggage1. A family of four people travels from Riga, Latvia to St. Anton, Austria for a ski
holiday. They got two sets of skis, two snowboards and four large suitcases. When
sending these items from home directly to the hotel in St. Anton, they pay €328 two ways. It’s €20 per item one way door-to-door. This includes a full service and insurance. When they ship the goods for two family members only, the cost is  €284. It’s €35 per item door-to-door one way.

2. A group of sportsmen travels from Vilnius, Lithuania to Malaga, Spain. They send three bicycles and three suitcases from their doorstep to the hotel. They pay €422 to ship 6 items two ways, €36 per item one way.

When you travel alone then shipping a bicycle and a large suitcase door-to-door two ways will cost you €228. It’s €57 per item one way.

€20 vs €35 or €36 vs €57 + that’s the power of consolidation! By travelling together and sending excess baggage in bigger groups travellers save a fortune. Great experience makes your customer loyal.

Send more, pay less – benefits of consolidation

•Efficiency: Consolidated shipping makes sense to both travellers and forwarders. It is more cost-effective to deliver several items together than to ship one with only a partial load.

•Lower Cost: Freight consolidation is more effective than airport luggage services. This makes it also less expensive. If you decide to ship your excess baggage by Shipitwise, this is the most affordable way to do it.

•Convenient: The cost of checking in your baggage with the airline can be similar in some destinations. But Shipitwise door-to-door shipping service is much more convenient. Travellers also avoid any hidden fees. There is no need to book a bigger taxi or rent a bigger car. There is no risk of extra fees at the airport. Travellers can save time and money on baggage storage at the hubs.

Getting around without any luggage opens new possibilities for tour operators and airlines. They can design and provide new services and better customer experience. Travellers can join the fast links to the cities. They can enjoy city tours without hassle.

If you are a professional at the travel sector, offer to your customers a Hands-Free Travel experience!

With ShipitwiseSend More, Pay Less.