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Sending your bicycle

Shipitwise Stories 16.11.2017

The ultimate freedom. Go anywhere, whenever you want.


Congratulations! You’ve arrived at your stunning holiday destination, and are ready to start exploring…

But wait –  is it going to be by train, bus, motorcar or foot? Do you really want to hire a vehicle and spend more time in traffic?

Well then, how much can you really get around during your holiday? Damn, wouldn’t it have been great if you had your trusty bicycle to get you around? And you will get some exercise too, so no guilt about skipping the gym.

Not waiting for buses or taxis – being able to stop and smell the roses (or coffee) any time you want – is going to make your trip so much more pleasurable.

I can think of five reasons immediately, to send your trusty transport to your destination. Shipitwise will send your bike internationally, and you will not need to spend time and money on cars, trains or busses.


Try it! Get a quote through the app – you will love yourself for doing it!