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Door-to-door baggage, worldwide delivery

About Us

What we do

We are making travelling very comfortable. We provide travellers a new online service – convenient cross-border, door-to-door courier delivery for their sports equipment (golf bags, skis, bicycles, etc.), personal belongings or everything necessary for a business trip (trade fair materials, samples, etc.) to the desired destination with just a few clicks. Without having to carry anything themselves.

We build our company around mission-driven solutions

We’re makers, not talkers. At our headquarters in Tallinn, Estonia, we’ve assembled a team that combines practical expertise in organising logistical chains, engineering huge platforms, user experience design, corporate sales, new-age marketing and best customer service. Whatever their role, each Shipitwisor combines an uncompromising mindset with an unwavering focus on executing in service of the mission.

Where are we heading to

We are targeting the worldwide travel market with a more robust product portfolio, and integrating innovative features such as real-time pricing among multiple carriers, tracking updates via chatbot, and a continuous concentration on delivering a superior user experience and utmost satisfaction.