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Frequently Asked Questions


  • What is Shipitwise?

It provides travellers a new online service – convenient cross-border, door-to-door courier delivery for their sports equipment (golf bags, skis, bicycles, etc.), personal belongings or everything necessary for a business trip (trade fair materials, samples, etc.) to the desired destination with just a few clicks. Without having to carry anything themselves.

  • Do you have your own fleet?

No, we do not. We’re partnering with major national and international shipping carriers, including TNT, FedEx, ACE and others. We also partner with individual truck drivers and small truck fleets if their service meets our requirements.

  • Why should I choose your service instead of going directly to your partners?

Shipitwise provides you a full-service shipping, meaning that other than organising the transportation of your items, we also manage all documentation for you and insure all the goods.

Other than that, we provide great customer service and complete transparency to you. E.g. when something goes wrong when using our partners directly, you have to take time and fix everything. But when using them through Shipitwise, we take care of all the communication between you and the logistics providers, making sure you get the service you paid for or reimbursed. Take us as your outsourced and automated logistics department!

  • Doesn’t all this make your price so much higher?

No. We receive huge discounts from our partners, as we already ship huge volumes of goods. Thus even after adding our margin to the service, our prices are very competitive or cheaper than the prices you’d get when going directly to our partners.

  • Is Shipitwise service safe to use?

Yes. We take pride in having high expectations for our partners and only use those providers that meet those requirements. Also, we partner with major national and international shipping carriers, including TNT, FedEx, UPS –  whose service is usually very safe to use.

  • Can I send to anywhere in the world?

We cover most of the areas worldwide. In case of questions about the shipping destinations contact: order@shipitwise.com.

  • Can I contact you at any time?

Our office hours are 7 AM – 5 PM GMT Monday to Friday, however, outside of these hours you can still reach a member of the team on our office number +442032390630 who will be happy to help.

  • How to get help for any problem not listed in this FAQ?

In case you have a problem that doesn’t get answered in this FAQ, please write to info@shipitwise.com or call +442032390630 and your problem will be solved ASAP.


  • How does Shipitwise get the prices?

Shipping rates are determined by a few factors, including dimensions, weight, pickup & destination address and selected speed. Even slight variations in these factors can significantly change costs depending on the pricing methodology of each carrier. Shipitwise considers all factors and gives customers the lowest cost option that meets our reliability standards while ensuring the package is delivered in accordance with the selected speed.

To request expedited delivery or receive an estimate on postage, fill our form on https://shipitwise.com and our representative will contact you as soon as we have the price. In the future, it’ll start happening automatically.

  • Where can I get boxes for shipping my items?

One can purchase boxes to ship your items from any consumer store or post office.
Important note – unpackaged items won’t be shipped. Courier has a right not to pick-up a package if it is not properly packaged.

  • I have multiple shipments, how does it work?

In the order form, you can choose a multiple number of items you want to ship. In case you have difficulties you can approach our customer service through the live chat or e-mail order@shipitwise.com

  • I am shipping valuable items, is there insurance?

By default, we guarantee insurance of 500 EUR. If your shipment is worth more than that, you can add the amount in the additional insurance value box and system calculates the insurance cost automatically into the shipping cost (you will also see it under the automatically calculated price). The 40 000 EUR is the max value we can cover.

  • Do you also handle customs?

A Shipitwise partner will reach out and ask for additional information or documentation, if required from the receiver. Shipitwise can provide the assistance regarding the initial information regarding customs but cannot do the TAXes and paperwork required additionally in receiving country.

Thus, when shipping internationally we require you to input information that helps us complete the necessary customs documentation. Please accurately enter the contents and value. Shipitwise reserves the right to inspect any item, and any packaging may be subject to opening by our packing technicians to ensure full compliance with the carrier and postal guidelines and to be validated for description and value for customs.

  • Can I track my shipment?

Packages sent via Shipitwise include self-service tracking with tracking bot. You can activate it right away here Meet Swhen the tracking bot!

However, sometimes “Swhen the tracking bot” does not answer, because some packages do not have an online tracking system. Then we’re manually tracking your items, and customers will need to call or write to us to understand where their item is.

  • How will I pay for the service?

For Shipitwise services you can pay with credit card, bank transfer or we can issue an invoice. Until the payments have to be done prior to a pickup unless agreed otherwise.

  • What happens if the shipment is larger than indicated when filling the online form?

We reserve the right to send you an extra invoice if the shipment is larger than indicated when ordering.

  • When will my package be delivered?

Delivery date is provided prior to sending the invoice and correlates to the delivery speed selected when filling the form on our platform. Shipitwise will reach out to you if there any delays.

  • What happens if my package will be delivering late?

We might offer you a discount on the next shipment or reimburse some of the shipping costs. In case of time-sensitive shipments that will be late, please check our terms and conditions.

  • How do I know that my package will be arriving?

Our partner courier will call you in advance to let you know when approximately they will be arriving.

  • What happens if there’s a change with the shipment?

For any changes to a shipment or destination, please email order@shipitwise.com as soon as possible and Shipitwise will facilitate. This might result with an extra invoice.

  • Does Shipitwise Offer Expedited Shipping?

Yes, we do offer expedited shipping. For that, please write to order@shipitwise.com.


  • Do you ship documents?

Yes. You can find it in the order form as a pre-defined item.

  • Do you inspect the package?

We have the right to open and inspect all pre-boxed and packaged items prior to shipment to make sure they are within our acceptable items for shipment.

  • Do you have restrictions on items that you ship?

Shipitwise will not ship the items listed in the company’s Terms of Service.

  • What happens with the undeliverable items?

Per Shipitwise’s Terms of Service, Shipitwise guarantees to deliver packages to the domestic address provided by the customer. If the carrier is unable to successfully deliver a package for reasons such as: Refused, Moved, Invalid/Insufficient/Unknown Address, etc. the item will be returned to the Shipitwise partner warehouse.

Shipitwise will contact the sender to notify of the returned package. Three attempts will be made within 3 days to reach the sender, via email and phone. If reached, the sender has options to discard the package, return to the original pickup address, or redirect to an updated address and will be invoiced for postage. If the sender is unable to be reached, abandoned packages will be removed from the warehouse 5 days from initial contact.

Important note – unpackaged items won’t be shipped. Courier has a right not to pick-up a package if it is not properly packaged

  • Can I send my sports equipment with Shipitwise?

Yes. Shipitwise can send your bike, surfboard, golf clubs and other sports/leisure equipment. We have trained technicians who will minimally dismantle your equipment for safe transit.