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Why become a Logistics Partner?

Our ultimate goal is to make logistics simple to use and provide a full (seamless) service to our partners.

Why become a  logistics partner?

Our ultimate goal is to make logistics simple to use and provide a full (seamless) service to our affillate partners and customers. Working in partnership with you, Shipitwise will help you to reach new customers and help to optimise your drivers’ capacity while moving goods along your logistics chain, on a one-way or round-trip basis.

We are open to partnerships with small, big or medium transportation companies and everyone who is involved in logistics. Let’s talk if you are first and last mile couriers, a company without their own API, a packaging company and any other part of the logistics chain.

Advantages of becoming a partner:

  • Become part of an international logistics chain
  • New international customers
  • Available IT solution and API
  • No marketing costs
  • No additional staffing costs for you

If you:

  • Want to make your company visible in the international market…
  • Get customers requirements validated by Shipitwise, and be provided directly to you…

You should become our partner!What we can offer:

The Shipitwise platform core system with:

  • Public access – for individual consumer and non-contract users
  • Log-in access – for business users
  • Dynamic Pricing – paying less for shipping more
  • Instant Pricing – get the price immediately
  • User-friendly interfaces – great product interface and user experience
  • Public API – for machine to machine integrations
  • Chat-bot – for tracking and customer support


As Shipitwise rapidly expands to new markets we need partners in every part of the world.  To find out the requirements for qualifying as Shipitwise partner and for more information, please contact us or fill out the form below.

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