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Preparing and Packing

We specialise in shipping luggage of all types and sizes

Pack as you normally would when checking-in luggage with the airlines. When you need special insurance for luggage you should add plastic wrap to protect your suitcase or bag.

All goods are loaded and unloaded multiple times before they reach their destination. Therefore the packaging must be very good.

If the goods include any fragile items, the packaging must be labeled clearly as fragile. Also, it is the client’s responsibility to make sure the fragile items are packed safely for transport. They need to be safe enough to be dropped from a height of 2m (not that they will be dropped, but in case something happens).

Most big transport company warehouses are automated, which means that the parcels are sorted on roller conveyors not handled by an actual person. Logistic companies do their best to keep all packages safe but you should also do your best to pack them in the safest way possible.

You shall remain fully liable for any damage incurred to your or other packages from harm caused by your insufficient packaging of the shipment item.

Please contact us if you have any questions about the best way to pack your items.

Here are some suggestions: