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Dimensions and weight

We calculate prices automatically based on measurement and weight

Shipitwise has instant and dynamic pricing. It means that sending 4 pairs of skis is often 4 times cheaper than sending 4 separate orders.

Shipping rates are determined by a few factors, including dimensions, weight, pickup and destination address and selected speed. Shipitwise considers all factors and gives customers the lowest cost option that meets our reliability standards while ensuring the package is delivered in accordance with the selected speed.

The price is calculated based on the real weight or volume weight of the items – depending which one is bigger. Dimensions are calculated from the widest point of each side.

If the actual weight or dimensions of any shipped item exceeds the maximum allowed for the quoted item category, additional charges will be pro-rated for the weight or dimension exceeding the measurements in the order.

Please weigh and measure your item. Your quote is based on the weight and dimensions provided. In the case where the dimensions or weight are bigger than the quote was made on, there may be extra charges.

Please note that all services are not available in all areas.