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Shipitwise CTO steps into CEO role

Shipitwise News 16.10.2017

Starting from November 1st, Shipitwise CEO will be the current Chief Technical Officer (CTO) and co-founder of the company Ragmar Saksing. The current CEO, Aleksander Gansen, will continue as a Director of Investor Relations and Strategic Sales at Shipitwise and a member of the Board.

New Shipitwise CEO

Ragmar Saksing

According to Olari Miiter, co-founder and COO of Shipitwise, the change in management is made due to Shipitwise’s current focus. “Shipitwise has reached the stage when our IT development execution plays a crucial role. This was the joint decision of our Board and co-founders to entrust, from the beginning of November, the executive management of the company to Ragmar Saksing, who has long-term management experience. Ragmar has nearly 15 years of experience and knowledge in the planning and implementation of IT development, as well as in the management of international teams”, Miiter said.

He adds, that thanks to the good work of the current CEO Aleksander Gansen, Shipitwise has grown into a strong company. “Aleksander did a very good job in presenting the company at the startup stage, which paved us for contracts with our current partners, our major clients and investors as well. Aleksander has strong international communication experience”, acknowledged Miiter, “and in addition to managing investor relations and sales, Gansen continues as a member of the Board.”

According to Ragmar Saksing, who is taking over the role of CEO in November, Shipitwise today is committed to making a “gear shift”.
“It is important to change the course to move forward from the current development phase to the next level. Today, Shipitwise needs such activities that we can boost the company’s growing value. This is done through the affixing of partners and customers. To achieve that, it is necessary to increase our ability to provide the best technological support”, said Saksing.

Starting from 1.11.2017, Saksing is responsible for the strategic management of the startup company with a focus on implementing IT development and strengthening customer and partner relations. Saksing will start the step-by-step transition of taking over CEO responsibilities from Gansen today, so that by November 1st the transaction would finalize smoothly. Ragmar Saksing has over 18 years of experience in IT development, having led international teams and IT development in various IT companies like Cybernetica, Saaremaa Shipping Company, Proekspert, Viru Keskus, Telia, Skype and many others.

Aleksander Gansen will continue as a member of the board of Shipitwise, as well as the head of investor relations and sales. Gansen is responsible both for contracts and for foreign markets throughout Europe, including Russia. He is also responsible for conducting webinars for partners and clients. As one of the co-founders of Shipitwise, Gansen fulfilled the role of CEO for 2 years. Gansen has a long-term experience in international relations, as well as sales and investor relations.

The goal of the Estonian startup company Shipitwise is to make travel a hands-free experience. Shipitwise offers a convenient cross-border door-to-door courier service for both private and business travelers like sending luggage and sports equipment at a convenient and affordable price directly to your destination or shipping of commercial documents. Shipitwise service is conveniently available to customers with just a few clicks through the IT platform created for this purpose. Shipitwise’s co-founders are Olari Miiter, Ragmar Saksing, Aleksander Gansen, Anna Medjanskaja. Shipitwise Board consists of Olari Miiter and Aleksander Gansen.