Shipitwise Team: Uncovered

There’s a story behind every story. And there are people behind every company. But in most cases we don’t know anything about them. Why are they a part of the team? How have they ended up where they are? What do they do behind the closed doors? Etc. Etc.

But this information is important to many people. Potential customers to understand whether to trust us or not. Investors to see if it’s worth investing in us. New hires to see if they’d be a fit to this culture. Press to find funny lines. And our parents to be proud of us.

Thus, we’ve decided to come out of the shadows. And will give you a chance to get really personal with each and everyone in Shipitwise team. Leaving no stone unturned. No secret untold!

Yes, we’ll be writing a story on every person in our team. And when we run out of stories to tell, we’ll just employ more people…

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Stories that have already been published