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Hi, I am Swhen!

Shipitwise News 20.11.2017

Swhen, the Shipitwise bot

I am Swhen, Shpitwise’s automatic assistant. How may I help you?


When you send your bags, boxes or bicycle from door-to-door, I will let you know the status every step of the way.

Think of me as your personal bot assistant. When you have placed an order I will let you know where your order is every step of the way. You will hear from me when:

  • your order is confirmed
  • your package is being collected from you
  • when it reaches the courier
  • when it gets to the warehouse
  • is on its way to you
  • and when it’s being delivered to your chosen destination

And if you are still a little anxious, you can contact me through the website, Facebook, twitter or email and I will find out any information you need.

Even a mother duck couldn’t be more attentive!

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