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Tez Tour Latvia in cooperation with Shipitwise

Shipitwise News 09.08.2017

Tez Tour Latvia

Shipitwise is expanding to the new markets and introducing the product to travel agencies, airlines and others who are one or another way related to the tourism industry.

While expanding our presence in the Baltics we are talking with leaders in the travel industry and offering them a new online door-to-door baggage service.

Recently, Tez Tour Latvia joined Shipitwise family as a strategic partner. International tour operator saw the value of our service to its customers and is starting integration of our platform to their website and educating travel agents about the new service Tez Tour Latvia will offer from now on.

Latvia Tours and airBaltic already are partners of Shipitwise and offering additional service for their clients.

Want to become our affiliate partner as well? Read more or contact us.

What is it? Shipitwise created a platform that makes travelling with sports equipment, excess baggage or business trip related materials way easier. Now the customer can book a transportation for their necessities, so that they won’t need to carry it themselves to and from the airport, worry how it will fit in the taxi, or how much extra they would be charged for it while travelling.