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Universal API for Freight Forwarders

Shipitwise News 23.10.2017

In Q2 2016 Shipitwise development team had a kick-off of the Shipitwise universal API project. As a result of that 6 months later we first tested the integration with two freight forwarders. Those companies do not have their internal machine to machine integration capabilities. Both of them are well-known brands in the transportation world. The product was first built for Shipitwise shipping platform to automate the services that only work in the analog world today.
Shipitwise API

Our software creates an opportunity to digitise and analyse analog price lists. From there on Shipitwise as a customer/shipping platform provides automated instant quotes. It places orders with those transportation companies seamlessly for the end user.

This breakthrough created a new vision for this SaaS product. Any freight forwarding company can start using universal API tool after small customisation.

One of the largest players in the market had asked me a question lately: “Can we now start acting in a way big courier companies operate?”

My answer was: “Yes, you can.”

Freight forwarders can also get an access to new customer segments.

How does it work?

  • Shipitwise creates an account for the freight forwarder.
  • We import the pricing data from the off-line price list of the forwarder into the platform. We then create secure access for the forwarder’s sales team.
  • The forwarder can now create accounts to B2B customers, internet stores and even individuals. Those last two groups of users would not be able to get an access to this type of shipping companies otherwise.
  • The customer can start placing automated shipping requests and receive instant quotes. They can confirm orders and even track them through the platform if forwarder has a tracking numbers.
  • The tracking bot called Swhen (“Shipitwise-when”) helps with tracking of those parcels. You can already activate Swhen in Skype, Messenger or Slack to track your DHL parcel. This uniques new tool is still in development. Stay tuned!

This process is fast and cost-effective for both user and forwarder.

It opens new markets for the forwarders.

To create even more value for our customers we will soon integrate a payment system into this platform.