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What’s your Shipitwise Story?

Shipitwise Stories 15.02.2016

A coffee roaster that uses Shipitwise to send samples between countries. A musician that uses Shipitwise to get back her guitar. A travel agency changing the way people move their skies.

These are just a few of the stories which are waiting to be shared with the community. Each and every user of Shipitwise has a story to tell. Be it then how they heard about Shipitwise, how they’re using us or how we help them change the world.

So we’ve set ourselves a mission! Today we start with a new series of blog posts that are dedicated to sharing the stories and experiences of different people, startups and businesses that discovered Shipitwise and gave it a try in their everyday life.

What’s your story and would you be willing to share it with us and other Shipitwise users? Let us know via Twitter or Facebook and we’ll get in touch! Don’t forget to use the #shipitwisestories tag!

Stories that have already been published

* Jaanus Üksik from Mission Coffee Works – Shipitwise’s first customer.
* Liisa Tulvik – a musician, who rarely goes anywhere without her instrument.
* Airita Aim from Palazzo – an artist, who prefers to avoid hassle with technical stuff.
* Argo Karuse from +ID – a company making the smallest smart card readers.
* Anu Polli from Made By – an Executive Manager, who doesn’t have time to deal with shipping hassle’s.
Heli’s tricycle from Amazon – a tourism expert for whom the usual shipping models stopped working.
Taavi and his motorcycle – a event organiser, who didn’t find anyone to ship his motorcycle.
* Erik who moved to LA – an ex-Startup Wise Guys marketing director who moved back to USA.
RebelRoam shipping Wi-Fi – a fellow startup from Startup Wise Guys accelerator shipping routers.
* Meriliis Rinne aka Meru – an artist in the UK shipping art across the world.
Katre who wanted a dishwasher – a mother and wife who regularly orders stuff from webshops.
Chris who shipped animal blood – the Ambassador of the UK who constantly needs to move things.
Nautilus Travel Does The Impossible! – a travel agency that helps their clients move anything.
Balloon Tallinn Needed Helium – an attraction constantly needing more helium to function.
InterStudio’s urgent delivery – an interior design company that asked for a miracle, and got it.
WolfPrint 3D Ships Eggs – a startup that needs to move really big eggs with scanners inside them.
Magrada natural bodycare – they needed a fast delivery to a beauty show.
Humana Estonia trusts us – this company values our fast response time and competitive prices.
* Anders moved Gustav’s bust – moving art across the world is one of our specialties.
Kristjan has got a beautiful car – he needed someone to deliver an engine for his Karmann Ghia.
Velonia Bicycles finally got to Australia – they needed their bicycle to reach a new continent.
Martin needed a removals firm – he finally took a leap of faith and moved from Wales to Estonia.
Kaubad.ee needs delivers gifts – they needed us to make their everyday work simpler and faster.
How to ship fragile ceramics? – she constantly needs help shipping fragile pieces of art across the world.
Who ships the uncommon items? – they need help shipping uncommon items to not so common places.
How to ensure on time delivery? – they need a partner that ensures on time delivery for their metal details.
How to organise shipping from a foreign country? – he needed to get his bicycle from London to Estonia.
How to make online stores deliver? – not all online stores deliver to all destinations, thus we help to do the last mile.
How to transport artwork? – Shipping artwork is a constant pain for all artists, as not all logistics companies take care of it.