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Shipitwise generalSend more, pay less – Shipitwise secret tool

The secret tool of Shipitwise – consolidation. Welcome to Shipitwise – a platform for travellers to book door-to-door shipping. We send your excess luggage, leisure equipment and other belongings around the world.  To be cost-effective and to serve you globally we use a special software. We developed this algorithm and update it constantly to optimize … Continue reading “Send more, pay less – Shipitwise secret tool”

time  May. 17 2017
Shipitwise generalWhat is Shipitwise Affiliate Partner Program?

As wisdom of internet told us – ‘One is good, two is better’ we decided that at least 100 will be great. That is why we launched our Affiliate Partner Program to create more value for more customers around the globe. After connecting with different travel agencies and airlines in the Baltics – it made … Continue reading “What is Shipitwise Affiliate Partner Program?”

time  May. 11 2017
Shipitwise NewsAirBaltic in Cooperation with Shipitwise Offers Baggage Delivery

Shipitwise in cooperation with airBaltic The end of April was very busy for the Shipitwise team. We were counting minutes not hours to get the final GO! from airBaltic, the largest airline in the region. We have concluded a cooperation agreement with Latvian state airline and polishing up the platform integration. AirBaltic carries over 2,5 … Continue reading “AirBaltic in Cooperation with Shipitwise Offers Baggage Delivery”

time  May. 5 2017
Shipitwise generalLeisure time is a new luxury. Who spends yours?

My alarm goes off. It’s 4.30AM. It is still dark outside and the rest of the family are sleeping. My 10-years-old Yorkshire terrier Hugo looks at me surprised. That’s Hugo’s special look when you understand — there’s no way he’d go out with you. “Do you know what time it is?”- his look says. The … Continue reading “Leisure time is a new luxury. Who spends yours?”

time  May. 1 2017
Shipitwise generalWork on hold, trails around Como, or how to travel super-light

Busy is the new stupid. Running a business 24/7 or working around the clock are not the things that one remembers. Only true workaholics will share office pics on Instagram to their brothers in arms. Who would share or like this kind of photos? Who would remember these moments tomorrow? Technology has changed the concepts … Continue reading “Work on hold, trails around Como, or how to travel super-light”

time  Apr. 25 2017
Shipitwise generalLithuanian Tour Operator Becomes Shipitwise Partner

Shipitwise is expanding to the new markets and introducing the product to travel agencies, airlines and others who are one or another way related to the tourism industry. Last week, after a couple of meetings we signed a contract with Zigzag Travel in Lithuania. After introducing the product for them, they saw the value in … Continue reading “Lithuanian Tour Operator Becomes Shipitwise Partner”

time  Apr. 18 2017
Yrjö just got his Bicycle from Finland to Estonia for 122€

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