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Shipitwise generalWork on hold, trails around Como, or how to travel super-light

Busy is the new stupid. Running a business 24/7 or working around the clock are not the things that one remembers. Only true workaholics will share office pics on Instagram to their brothers in arms. Who would share or like this kind of photos? Who would remember these moments tomorrow? Technology has changed the concepts … Continue reading “Work on hold, trails around Como, or how to travel super-light”

time  Apr. 25 2017
Shipitwise generalLithuanian Tour Operator Becomes Shipitwise Partner

Shipitwise is expanding to the new markets and introducing the product to travel agencies, airlines and others who are one or another way related to the tourism industry. Last week, after a couple of meetings we signed a contract with Zigzag Travel in Lithuania. After introducing the product for them, they saw the value in … Continue reading “Lithuanian Tour Operator Becomes Shipitwise Partner”

time  Apr. 18 2017
Shipitwise NewsCofounding Engineer of Skype Became Shipitwise Advisor

A week ago, Shipitwise extended family became bigger. Jaan Tallinn – cofounding engineer of Skype, programmer, investor and physicist became a member of Shipitwise Advisory Board. Additionally, he supported us by investing in the company. More about Jaan He is considered to be one of the foremost experts on P2P technologies and worked out the … Continue reading “Cofounding Engineer of Skype Became Shipitwise Advisor”

time  Apr. 17 2017
Shipitwise generalTravelling to London or how the problem meets a solution

This was the late November when we were travelling to London, six of us had landed in Stansted and took a bus to Liverpool Station in London. Six people. And six suitcases. Plane, bus, train, rain, hotel, tea. Usual stuff. What I truly enjoy about London is its vibe. It’s so special that I never … Continue reading “Travelling to London or how the problem meets a solution”

time  Apr. 6 2017
Shipitwise generalHands-free traveling and shipping destinations with instant prices

Day by day we are growing and improving our services with new technological updates. Now you have an opportunity to get instant prices to and from 14 European countries. We are aiming to make shipping services even more convenient and easy to use by providing user-friendly booking platform and instant prices. So far we have instant prices on the following … Continue reading “Hands-free traveling and shipping destinations with instant prices”

time  Mar. 31 2017
Ignacy just got his a Bicycle from Estonia to Poland for 75€

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