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Hi, I am Swhen!

Shipitwise Answers 20.11.2017

I am Swhen, Shpitwise’s automatic assistant. How may I help you?   When you send your bags, boxes or bicycle from door-to-door, I will let you know the status...


Code Ninja path to CTO

Ivo Uutma joined Shipitwise in the early stage and worked through the roller coaster times of the company. After the CTO of Shipitwise Ragmar Saksing stepped into CEO role, we...


Sending your bicycle

Shipitwise Stories 16.11.2017

  Congratulations! You’ve arrived at your stunning holiday destination, and are ready to start exploring… But wait –  is it going to be by train, bus, motorcar or foot?...

What to send ahead to your destination

Shipitwise tips 15.11.2017

  Travel, long-haul moves, temporary and permanent relocation is stressful and tiring for everyone. Whether you are the one who is playing Tetris in packing your suitcases so everything you need...

Travel without luggage

Travel without luggage?

Shipitwise Stories 14.11.2017

Baggage, luggage, suitcase…it is no coincidence that those words have heavy and unpleasant connotations. There isn’t a pleasant way to think of, or experience excess baggage – in life, as...

Crans-Montana, Switzerland

Travelling light? You can send your skis ahead

Shipitwise Stories 12.11.2017

  Travelling light does not mean doing without your nearest and dearest. Have you ever been in the situation where you are going on a skiing holiday and your...

New Tool - Universal API for Freight Forwarders

Shipitwise News 23.10.2017

In Q2 2016 Shipitwise development team had a kick-off of the Shipitwise universal API project. As a result of that 6 months later we first tested the integration with...

New Shipitwise CEO

Shipitwise CTO steps into CEO role

Shipitwise News 16.10.2017

Starting from November 1st, Shipitwise CEO will be the current Chief Technical Officer (CTO) and co-founder of the company Ragmar Saksing. The current CEO, Aleksander Gansen, will continue as...

Tez Tour Latvia in cooperation with Shipitwise

Shipitwise News 09.08.2017

Shipitwise is expanding to the new markets and introducing the product to travel agencies, airlines and others who are one or another way related to the tourism industry. While...

Surfing in Spain: a Guide to the 12 Best Waves in the Land of the Setting Sun

Shipitwise general 02.08.2017

The Iberian Peninsula is home to some of the sweetest surfing spots in Europe. With almost 3,100 miles (5,000 kilometers) of coastline (the Canary Islands included), Spain is renowned...

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